Bizzy B's Recycling partners with local orgainizations and communities to offer easy sollutions to recycling needs.  Check out these links to some of our partners and programs:

City of Longmont Refrigerator Rebate Program:
The City of Longmont Power and Communications offers a rebate program to reycle refrigerators and freezers manufactured on or before 1993.  Fill our the necessary application, call us to schedule a pick-up, get your receipt, and collect your rebate on your City of Longmont Utility Bill.  Click on the link to find out more information.

United Power Refrigerator Rebate Program:
United Power offers a refrigerator rebate program to their customers.  We offer the necessary receipts to receive this rebate if you schedule a pick-up, or drop off for our community.  Follow the link below to see the qualifications and procedures stipulated by United Power.  

Eco-Cylce Refrigerator Drop-off
If you are located in Boulder or the sorrounding area Eco-Cylce offers a location to drop off your old refrigerator, freezer, or air conditioner.  Visit their site for details and directions.

Community Partnership Programs
If your city, town or community is interested in partnering with Bizzy B's to encourage recycling check this out.  We are able to pick up and assist!

Fundraising Programs
If your Booster program, Classroom, Non-profit, or club is need of a fundraiser that engages the community, consider fundraising through Bizzy B's Recycling.  Check out our two fundraising options to see if it is something that could benifit your organization.  Contact us to set up a green fundraiser, ask for Sierra.